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Monday, August 28, 2017

7th grade

Aug 28-2
Mon: Read New England economy and design brochure
Tues: Study the Middle/Southern Colonies and the middle passage
Wed: Museum
Thurs: Video on slave trade
Fri: Continue with slave trade

Sept 5-8
Tues and Wed: Discuss the primary documents students studied
Thurs and Fri: Read real stories of slaves and discuss/write about the stories

Sept 11-15
Tues-Wed: Create posters highlighting the 3 major colonies and their economies
Thurs: Read section 4 of chapter 4: French and Indian War
Friday: Go over battle paintings and learn how to gain information from them

Sept 18-22
Mon: Begin chapter 5: Vocab words and definitions
Tues: Write a letter to the editor about the Sugar Act
Wed: Read Ch 5.2 and read some letters about the Boston Massacre
Thurs: Read 5.3 and take notes
Friday: Current Events

Objective: Gain a better understanding of the economics of the beginning 13 colonies.