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Friday, April 21, 2017

7th Grade

April 24-28
Mon: Watch 3rd clip of "Roots" and discuss Emancipation Proclamation
Tues: Watch 4th Clip of "Roots", write a comparison of Jim Crow laws vs. slave codes
Wed: Watch 5th clip of "Roots" compare 54th Mass. Regiment to Revolutionary War soldiers
Thurs-Fri: Finish Roots and current event on Friday

May 1-5
Mon: Research Hatfields and McCoys-write a summary of the feud
Tue-Wed: Begin reading "The Coffin Quilt" with reading summaries
Thur: Awards Day
Fri: Track

May 8-12
Mon: - Fri: Reading Hatfields and McCoys: 3 quizzes this week

May 15-19
Mon-Thurs: Finish "The Coffin Quilt" - Test on Thurs.
Fri: Field Trip