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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Oct 24-28
Mon- Watch videos and begin chapter 11.1-editorial paper
Tues-Read 11.2
Wed-Graphic Organizer for Dred Scott Court Case
Thurs-Discuss Lincoln-Douglas Debate- hold a debate
Frid-Current Event

Oct 31-Nov 4
Mon-Finish 11.3
Tues-Chapter Rev
Wed-Review for test
Thurs-Test on chapter 11
Frid-Begin watching 12 Years a Slave-quiz

Nov 7-11
Mon-Quiz-12 years a Slave
Tues-quiz-finish 12 Years a Slave
Wed-Begin reading chapter 12.1
Thurs-Watch the fall of Fort Sumter
Fri- Veterans Program

CC: Informational Text #9, Writing Standard #2 a, b, f, #3 b