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Monday, October 10, 2016

PAD Oct 10-Nov 11

Oct 10-14
Mon: Finish Vietnam on HD
Tues: Review for test
Wed: Test on CH 33
Thurs: Begin veteran interviews
Fri: Current Events

Objective: Analyze the results of the Vietnam Conflict

Oct 17- 19
Mon-Wednes: Continue with Veteran interviews

Oct 24-j28
Mon-Thurs: Begin putting together veteran powerpoints and videos based on interviews

Oct 31-Nov 4
Mon: Talk about the election and read the voter pamphlet
Tues: Vote on
Wed-Fri: Finish designing the Veteran program for next week

Nov 7-11
Mon: Begin chapter 29-read
Tues: Vote
Wed: Read 29.2
Thurs: Run-through Veterans progam
Fri- Veterans program 8-11