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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

8th Geography

Oct 24-28
Mon-no class
Tues-Read 14.1 fill out graphic organizer
Wed - Read 14.2 and research Samurai soldiers
Thurs-Research Samurai soldiers put into 300 word paper
Frid-Current Event due beginning of class

Oct 31-Nov 4
Mon- Read 14.3-
Tues: Read about Tsunami-ask Nao to visit
Wed: Chapter rev
Thurs: Review for test
Fri: Test on 14

Nov 7-Nov 11
Mon- Begin watching Samurai-quiz
Tues- Visit from Nao about Japan
Wed- Visit from Mr. and Mrs. Cook about China
Thurs- Read ch 15.1
Fri: Discuss Vietnam and the Southeast Asia countries in conflict

CC: Informational Text # 1, 2, 3, Writing: 1a, c, 3