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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

7th Grade SS

Oct 24-28
Mon-no class
Tues: Review sections 1-4, read 5.5
Wed: Chptr Rev
Thurs: Review for test
Fri: Test on chptr 5

Oct 31-Nov 4
Mon: Read 6.1
Tues: Read 6.2- do a collage of section 6.2
Wed: Review previous sections- read 6.3
Thurs: Research George Washingtons Spies
Fri: Read 6.4

Nov 7-11
Mon: Read 6.3-worksheet
Tues: Read 6.4: "watch clips of sea battles"
Wed: Chapter review
Thurs: Review
Fri: Test on Ch 6

Upcoming:  Glory

CC# Informational Text: #6, #8, Writing: 2 a, b, c,d,